March 24 - April 11, 2022

Artscape Daniels Spectrum, 585 Dundas St E, Toronto

Mon - Fri: 9am–6:30pm, Sat: 9am–3:30pm
Artist Present: March 26 & April 2, 12pm - 3pm

Please contact with all inquiries or for a price list. 

Ripened Off the Vine brings together a recent series of paper collages by Toronto-based artist David Woodward. Made using imagery cut from old books and magazines about the environment, wildlife and design, works in the exhibition reflect a composite visual world of anachronistic figures, spaces and iconography that allude to themes of metamorphosis, duality and interconnectedness. Reflecting on the coded ways that queer existences and perspectives surface throughout history, Ripened Off the Vine contemplates alternate narratives and mythologies that together suggest not a fabricated or imagined history, but a hidden real one. Divorced from their original context, cut-outs of rock, landscape and foliage move beyond their initial representations and coalesce into new structures and forms – some colour fields, some composite-images, and some fragments standing alone like emblems or monuments, speaking to the erosion of time and the lost relevance of their former incarnations.